Bill Elder for Sheriff in 2014!!

My name is Bill Elder, your next Sheriff of El Paso County.  I am a conservative, pro-gun candidate who will continue to fight for your 2nd Amendment rights.  I promise to uphold my Constitutional authority and responsibilities, as well as all of YOUR Constitutional rights.

I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1968.  I began my public safety career in 1976 and have spent over 23 years in law enforcement.  I have owned and operated a small business for more than 14 years.  I am currently the Deputy Chief of Police for the Fountain Police Department.  Because of my longevity in this county, my tenure in law enforcement, and in the business community, I have forged deep relationships with Public Safety Officials that will serve citizens well.

The citizens of El Paso County rightfully expect exceptional leadership in their public safety agencies.  You deserve the most experienced police, fire and emergency service personnel available.  Your elected leadership should work together to provide a safe and vibrant community while being fiscally conservative. 

I am prepared and inspired to meet the expectations of the citizens of this great county.  My leadership team and I will partner with the leaders of public safety agencies as well as those in the private sector as we work together to ensure the future of public safety and emergency preparedness throughout the region.

Recently we watched as personal freedoms & individual responsibility came under attack. Through some very hard work we see that elections have consequences and that every vote counts! We must no longer allow apathy to rule the day when it comes to elections. We must all engage in the process or resign ourselves to others controlling our future.

Bill Elder for Sheriff
P.O. Box 25175,
Colorado Springs CO 80936-5175

(719) 884-4300  
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